The “Bergdoktor” season is over, but the slot on Thursday evening on ZDF is still reserved for drama in front of an Alpine backdrop. “The mountain rescuers” are back. After a special in November, the 14th season with six episodes starts on March 2nd at 8:15 p.m. The team around Markus Kofler (Sebastian Ströbel) – to which Tobias Herbrechter (Markus Brandl) has returned – has a risky and complicated mission. The police are also required.

Sylvia Redl is the heiress and manager of a schnapps distillery. Because she cannot be reached, two of her business partners make their way to a mountain hut. That’s where they suspect the woman. On the way, the two get into a dangerous situation with their car, from which they free the mountain rescuers at the last second. When Markus and his people hear about the missing person, they initiate the search.

In the meantime, commissioner Jessika Pollath (Maxi Warwel) is also involved in the case: the tax investigation is after Sylvia Redl. Has the businesswoman gone into hiding? The policewoman does not find out about Sylvia’s sister Julia Haas (Julia Stinshoff), the two sisters have obviously not had any contact for a long time. Julia’s husband Georg Haas (Leopold Hornung) but – secretly – yes.

He had an appointment with Sylvia for a mountain tour. But she didn’t appear. Markus goes on a search with Georg and finds Sylvia’s backpack in a waterfall – with traces of blood on it. Georg has an injury on his hand and seems very nervous and unpredictable. Markus thinks the man is hiding something. Then he puts himself in danger.

Privately, things are turbulent for the mountain rescuers. Katharina (Luise Bähr) hasn’t gotten over the separation from Markus yet. Emilie (Stefanie von Poser) returns to Markus’ farm, where she meets her ex-husband: Tobias has also moved in with Markus. Pilot Michael Dörfler (Robert Lohr) worries about his relationship with the doctor Verena (Gundula Niemeyer), because she works a lot of night shifts.

In the episode “At any price” based on a book by Mark Hillefeld, director Heinz Dietz has the mountain rescuers set out on risky missions. Exciting to watch, even if the episode is a bit overloaded with its dramatic events and private conflicts.