A holiday is approaching and the “dream ship” is not far away. This time Florian Silbereisen, as Captain Max Parger (Easter Sunday, March 31st, 8:15 p.m. on ZDF), sails into the center of Southeast Asian mass tourism and steers the luxury liner to the Thai island of Phuket.

“The charm of an old kingdom meets the modernity of our time here,” says Silbereisen as Parger, even if he still sounds like Silbereisen as the moderator who announces the next hit act at the “Advent Festival of 100,000 Lights”.

On board the “Dream Ship – Phuket”: a newly married couple whose lonely (father-in-law) (Andreas Schmidt-Schaller) gets on their nerves as a surprise guest on their honeymoon, a beauty influencer who the world (if at all) only perceived as an Insta background, as well as an intriguer.

Broken metatarsal and annoying father-in-law

The dramatic highlights: Simone Thomalla breaks her metatarsal as passenger Kerstin Martensen and the annoying father-in-law falls over while visiting the beach with a teenager (Mika Tritto), who lost his mother there a few years ago.

Also: Captain Parger and Staff Captain Grimm (Daniel Morgenroth) cannot kite surf because both of them have planned to book the appropriate date. In addition, Hanna Liebhold (Barbara Wussow) is only supposedly fighting against her own scatterbrained nature and is actually fighting against a lousy schemer.

After a lot of absurd episodes and excursions recently (for example by ship (!) to the Utah desert), things are much more leisurely in the Easter episode – not to say: pretty boring.

Party influencer provides entertainment

The only thing that provides a little bit of entertainment is the beauty influencer Sophia Blum (Anna-Lena Schwing), who wants to take her online followers on a trip to Thailand and is finally convinced by a law student with a cooking course that life doesn’t just happen online .

This episode in itself is not particularly entertaining, but it can perhaps be read as a quiet response to the sometimes loud criticism (including from the cast of actors) that there are too many influencers on board the ZDF “dream ship” today little trained actors.

Nevertheless, there is another person in the Easter episode: Riccardo Simonetti.