So, we took a look. In fact, eight episodes in a “Bachelorette” season are not too few. That’s even the average standard. But why did you get the feeling this year that Jenny and her men were practically rushed through the individual episodes and now everyone seems almost surprised themselves that the grand finale has already been reached? Well, as we all know, time flies faster when you’re having fun… That’s probably the reason.

We board in Phuket. Exactly where we left off last week. Presumably that means: There really are no more home dates?! No embarrassed cuddling on the couch, no coffee and cake with the family? Probably not. But at least elephants: Jenny and Fynn visit an elephant sanctuary. Somehow Fynn seems subtly frightened by the “huge” animals, while Jenny scratches her trunk in delight. The two are allowed to rub mud on the pachyderms and shower them off again later. Envy!

“Scrubbing elephants and snogging in the rain is definitely something I can recommend,” Jenny later testified. With Fynn you get the feeling that he could have done without the elephants. He still uses the word “perfect” very often. Later, both of them are allowed to sip white wine – elephant-free – in a cozy oasis in the jungle. Surprisingly, a video of Fynn’s family is shown on a screen, who are allowed to advertise their offspring again from the couch. Done them very sympathetically. Jenny exclaims delightedly, “I love your family!”

For his part, Fynn has another confession ready: “I think … no, I know … that I fell in love with you,” he stammers nervously. Jenny obviously appreciates the revelation.

Difficult starting conditions for Adrian, who may have a last date with the Bachelorette the following day. The two lounge around on a boat and slurp from coconuts, but Jenny struggles with low spirits. After all, Fynn had just confessed his love to her the day before. Of course, Adrian doesn’t know anything about that. However, he could guess it if he took a closer look at the person opposite: Jenny is always friendly and polite, but always has to remember to smile and answers questions nonchalantly and evasively. After all, he noticed “a tension” when later drinking wine with cuddling.

Then Adrian says, purely by accident, that he wishes Jenny could get to know his mother. Tahaaa, surprise! Of course there is also a video message from Adrian’s mom, who records the bachelorette. In fact, the general mood lifted afterwards. He lays his head on Jenny’s shoulder, but if you compare this gesture with the eternal snogging with Fynn before, it seems a bit thin. Adrian finally pulls away with his head hanging, the bachelorette says to the camera that she is “relieved”. Ouch.

When the dramatic last roses are awarded, Adrian announces in advance that he will also carry Jenny away if necessary, “at least I’ll take her with me today!” Hopefully RTL will know how to prevent this if the Bachelorette ultimately doesn’t choose him… But when he finally gets the gentle rejection from the Bachelorette, which we – let’s be honest – didn’t just expect since this episode, he wears it then with admirable composure. He gives Jenny really kind words and shows real emotions. We weren’t the biggest Adrian fans, we admit, but he showed class here.

And then only the freestyle remains: Jenny hands Fynn the last rose. She’s in love with him too, she says, and he says “of course” when she asks if he wants to take the rose. And now? Happily ever after? We’ll find out on the big reunion show…