The moderator Günther Jauch (67) knows complicated negotiations about the right holiday destination from his own family. “The perfect holiday… that’s difficult in that there’s a constant discussion within the family: it’s better mountains or sea,” Jauch told TUI Fly’s in-flight magazine “Flyjournal”. “The children usually want a destination where it is always warm and the next Caipi is already waiting by the pool. But they are also the first to groan when temperatures exceed 30 degrees. So there is no perfect destination. Over Easter We often end up in the mountains, and in the summer we usually go to the sea.”

Despite his celebrity, he also spends summer vacations in Germany, said Jauch, who lives in Potsdam. “So I’m not the one who hides in the jungle somewhere in South America. I’m also quite good at dealing with how people react to me. Most people notice that you’re on vacation and then don’t start any fundamental discussions. That’s it pleasant.” Otherwise he also finds South Tyrol “a pretty good holiday region that you can go to almost all year round”.

He has never been to Russia, China, Japan or Greece in his life. “I learned Greek at school for five years, but I had never been to Greece,” Jauch continued. “The world is really huge, but I probably haven’t even been to 25 countries yet.”

However, in the 80s he was chased away at a radio exhibition by Thomas Gottschalk instead of in eight days in “Eighty Days Around the World”. “The task was to establish a television connection to him from every continent, no matter what time of day or night. So I stood in front of the pyramids of Giza or was in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, or in Tahiti in the middle of the South Seas. I “I was everywhere, but after the live broadcast I was basically back on the plane. That’s when I realized what it’s like when you want to take everything with you, but actually don’t really see anything and certainly don’t understand anything.”