Three women, two attitudes, one village: The TV film “Wolfswinkel” (March 29, 8:15 p.m., the first) tells the story of a policewoman who has long ignored the increasingly right-wing attitude in her small hometown. Ironically, her best friends represent opposing positions.

The Brandenburg police officer Melanie Kosse (Annett Sawallisch, born 1978) likes it when people like her – and when things get political, she keeps out. But that’s no longer so easy when her best friend Lydia John (Claudia Eisinger, 38) makes herself important with right-wing slogans in her home village. The daily soap star, who returned home after a career break, collects likes and followers as an influencer in the village and earns almost as much with her “Get your home back” web videos as with a leading role.

The dedicated elementary school teacher Anja Raabe (Alina Levshin, 38) – the third of the once inseparable trio of friends – says it out loud: Lydia is riding the brown wave. And when their followers are not only more numerous, but also more violent, Melanie, a law enforcement officer who is addicted to harmony, has to make a decision. For the old friendship or for decency and law…

Alina Levshin should look familiar to the “crime scene” fans among the spectators. Born in Odessa, Ukraine, the German actress was part of what was once the youngest Sunday crime team ever. But the Erfurt investigators Henry Funck (Friedrich Mücke), Maik Schaffert (Benjamin Kramme) and Johanna Grewel (Levshin) were not only disrespectfully described as “tick, trick and track” (“SZ”) or “conservative instead of youthful” (“n- tv”), they stopped again after only two episodes in 2013 and 2014.

Alina Levshin received the most awards for her portrayal of the neo-Nazi girl Marisa in “Warrior” (2011). After the “Tatort” excursion, she played in “Meister des Todes” (2015), “Die Dasslers – Pioneers, Brothers and Rivals” (2016) or “The Palace” (2021), among others.

Levshin lives in Berlin with her husband and daughter, who was born in 2011.

Born in East Berlin, Claudia Eisinger also has plenty of Sunday crime experience to offer. In five films so far she has played with some top teams:

Claudia Eisinger played the leading role in the Sarah Kuttner novel adaptation “Mängelexemplar” (2016) and received the German Actors’ Award for it. She also had the title role in the TV series “Zarah – Wilde Jahre” (2017). And since 2021 she has been working as a forensic scientist Dr. To see Viktoria Wex in the “Masuren-Krimis”.

Annett Sawallisch is probably the least known actress of the trio for film and television fans to date. She was born in Berlin in 1978 and studied at the Rostock University of Music and Theater from 1997 to 2001. Already during her studies she was drawn to the local theater stage. From there, Swallisch conquered national and international stages from Berlin to Nashville, Tennessee.

As you can find out more on her homepage, she is the studio manager of the studio at the University of Music and Theater in Leipzig.