If a model combines timeless elegance, style and comfort in just one shoe, then it is a flat shoe – also known colloquially as “flats”. After rustic boots and lined sneakers dominated the fashion winter, other models are among the 2024 trends with the emerging spring. We’ll tell you what they are and why flat shoes put your feet in the spotlight perfectly.

This trend is not entirely new; after all, the slip-on model gained great popularity through Vogue at the end of the 1940s. Since then, flat shoes have been reinvented again and again – including this year: pointed ballerinas will be popular in 2024. Whether with decorative bows, rivets or straps (Mary-Jane), it doesn’t matter. As far as the tonal palette is concerned, subtle colors such as beige, gray or white fade into the background. Instead, many shoe manufacturers rely on metallic and rich tones such as silver or red.

The English term “slingback” means nothing more than a low shoe that has a wide cut out in the back of the foot. The heel is therefore only surrounded by a thin strap. The heel can vary, as strappy pumps can also be slingbacks – but when it comes to the latest trends, we’re talking about flat shoes, which will be back in style in 2024. Similar to ballerinas, these models also have pointed toes, which are a must-have this summer.

So-called clogs also have a long history: the initially very rustic wooden slippers were sold as work shoes in the 1970s – and only became socially acceptable in 2010, after Karl Lagerfeld discovered clogs with platform soles. Today, most models still have high heels, but there are now flat versions that will be trendy in 2024. They are called clogs or mules: both are usually characterized by a comfortable cork sole that offers the highest level of comfort. 

The comfortable shoes have long since achieved cult status and yet the flat shoe with a thick sole is constantly reinventing itself – including this year: the trends in 2024 will primarily include unusual models with a patent leather look. In addition, the popular classics in subtle colors (black, gray, beige) are still a must-have. If you like something a little more eye-catching and dare, you can also wear loafers with rivets, buckles or even bows with trousers, skirts and even dresses. 

As long as we still have spring-like temperatures, flat boots are ideal for the transition to the trendy ballerina: because you don’t need high heels to skilfully showcase your legs. In combination with a cozy knitted dress or a maxi skirt, you are well prepared for any occasion. When it comes to colors and design, subtle models will be back in fashion in 2024. This is particularly beautiful and practical at the same time, as you can wear the hot trend models again in autumn.


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