Children have been playing with Playmobil since 1974. In the beginning there were figures such as knights, Indians and construction workers (originally even with beer crates, but these were later dropped), meanwhile the world of Playmobil has continued to grow. There is hardly a scenario that the toy manufacturer does not have in its range. We present you with a colorful selection of different sets that are ideal for playing.

Complete Playmobil houses are particularly popular. Although they are a bit more expensive, they offer a lot of figures, furniture and details. The townhouse includes the house, furniture, mother and son, and many lovely accessories.

Children love to go on adventure trips. In addition to three play figures, this Playmobil base camp even has a T-Rex. The laser impresses with light effects and the UV-active crystals and jungle plants can glow in the dark.

It is not uncommon for children to be crazy about animals, so this animal Playmobil set is ideal for little animal fans. There are three Playmobil figures, eight dogs, two birds and the animal hotel.

Wild car chases — including light and sound effects — can be organized by children with this police Porsche. Even the roof of the car can be removed so that the Porsche can be used as a convertible.

Do you know the popular children’s series “Spirit — wild and free”? Children are crazy about the main characters “Lucky” and the horse “Spirit”. In addition to the play figures, the Playmobil set also includes a horse stable and detailed accessories.

Animal things continue with this Playmobil set inspired by the children’s film “Counting dragons made easy”. The dragon “Toothless” and his friend “Hiccup” are also part of the party. A baby dragon and many accessories such as a fire sword and flight suit expand the set.

At Christmas time, Playmobil offers many creative advent calendars. One of them is a Christmas elf workshop with Santa Claus, little elves and lots of toys.

An entire horse farm is hidden in this Playmobil set. Two figures, three horses (including a foal) and two stables with gate fences provide plenty of inspiration for an exciting game.

There is more action for your children to experience at this fire station. The large fire station with three figures and cool sound effects even has a helicopter with a landing pad, a siren and a fireman’s pole.

This Playmobil set must first be unlocked with a small key. A beautiful royal castle including residents is hidden behind the doors. The queen and king are also part of the party and can choose between fine robes.

Children’s spirit of discovery can hardly be quenched, which is why this adventure tree house from Playmobil is ideal for little hobby explorers. There are wild animals such as bears, foxes and snakes.

This beautiful Playmobil set with a nativity scene is classic and suitable for Christmas. Not only Mary and Joseph are included in the set, but also a small Jesus child. Even the poinsettia can shine thanks to beautiful light effects.

Diving is announced, because this maritime Playmobil set attracts with a colorful underwater world including mermaids. The beautiful shell is also a night light and should help children to fall asleep.

This Playmobil pirate ship invites children on a wild ride. The boat is buoyant and can be moved around on rollers when dry. On board are guns and ammunition for exciting ship battles.

Playmobil does not have any sets that belong to the popular children’s film “Frozen” (originally: “Frozen”), but this ice crystal palace is still reminiscent of Queen Elsa. The palace surprises with beautiful light effects and a piece of clothing that can change color depending on the temperature.

On holiday, the little ones are particularly happy about toys from home. That’s why this portable doll’s house from Playmobil is a great way to take toys with you when you travel. You can simply grab the compact house by the carrying handle and transport it easily.

The elaborately designed sets from Playmobil are ideal as gifts. With attention to detail, they help children to experience different situations and stimulate their imagination. That’s why Playmobil has been a popular classic gift for generations.

In 1971 the developer Hans Beck designed a new system toy and the first Playmobil figures were born. In the years that followed, Playmobil expanded the range. In 1988 new body shapes, bare feet and different shoes, jackets, waistcoats and long skirts are added. In this way, 5,700 figure variants have been created since 1974.

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