Sandra Hülser (45) was awarded the European Film Prize last Saturday evening. At the ceremony in Berlin, which honors the best works of European cinema, she took home the award for best actress for her role as Sandra Voyter in “Anatomy of a Case.” The film by French director Justine Triet (45) was the big winner of the evening and was honored with a total of five awards (best film, director, actress, screenplay and editing).

In “Anatomy of a Fall” (original: “Anatomie d’une chute”, international: “Anatomy of a Fall”), the German author Sandra Voyter (Hüller) becomes involved in the investigation into the unexplained cause of her husband’s death. The film was awarded the Palme d’Or at the Cannes International Film Festival last May.

On stage, Hülser, who was already named best actress for “Toni Erdmann” at the award ceremony in 2016, created a special moment: In her acceptance speech at the end, she called on those present to join her in silence for peace in the world to pause.

The other award winners include the Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen (58), who received the award for best actor in “Bastards” (international title: “The Promised Land”) and thanked him for the award in a video message. The British actress Vanessa Redgrave (86) received the lifetime achievement award.

Matthijs Wouter Knol (46), director of the European Film Academy, said in his conclusion to the award ceremony: “What an evening! It was an honor to give all these wonderful and talented European filmmakers from all areas of the industry a stage to produce captivating films create, tell unforgettable stories and reflect all facets of human life. It was wonderful for us to recognize their outstanding achievements with the European Film Awards. We look forward to seeing everyone in Lucerne next year!”

Since 1997, the gala has taken place in Berlin, the academy’s headquarters, in odd-numbered years. In even years, the prizes are awarded in another European city.