The appearance of Tokio Hotel at the Deichbrand Festival on Friday evening was actually scheduled for a whole hour. However, a technical breakdown occurred during the performance of Bill and Tom Kaulitz (33), Gustav Schäfer (34) and Georg Listing (36). The four musicians had to end their gig early.

Accompanied by Tom Kaulitz’ wife Heidi Klum (50), who diligently filmed the spectacle and shared several videos on Instagram, the band arrived fully motivated on Friday at the festival site at Cuxhaven/Nordholz seaport. Bill was even “a little nervous,” said the singer in another Instagram clip.

At around 9:30 p.m., Tokio Hotel entered the festival stage, and Bill Kaulitz once again appeared in extravagant outfits. Among other things, they performed their hit “White Lies” together. But then the technology suddenly stopped working – the performance was canceled.

The musicians spoke on Instagram after their failed gig from the car. “We are devastated,” said Bill Kaulitz. “We’re so sorry we couldn’t finish our set. We’ve been preparing for this for so long and have an amazing show planned for you guys.” But everything suddenly failed and they could not return to the stage.

“The only thing left for us to do was take a guitar and try to play ‘Through the Monsoon,'” continued Bill Kaulitz. The four men did the same and the 60,000 festival visitors sang along loudly. “We were overwhelmed,” said the Tokio Hotel frontman.

The four musicians continue on Saturday with a performance in Berlin. Tokio Hotel will perform at Christopher Street Day – hopefully without a hitch this time.