The US actress Mia Farrow (78) mourns the loss of her youngest sister. Tisa Farrow (1951-2024) died unexpectedly at the age of 72, as she announced on Instagram.

Tisa, the youngest of four girls and three boys born to director John Farrow (1904-1963) and actress Maureen O’Sullivan (1911-1998), was born in Los Angeles in 1951. Like her famous sister Mia, Farrow was an actress for around ten years. She was seen for the first time in 1970 in the drama “Homer” alongside Don Scardino (74).

Tisa Farrow also worked as a nurse for around 27 years, as Mia reports. She was also a “wonderful sister” and a “devoted mother” to her daughter Bridget and her son Jason, who died in Iraq. “If there is a heaven, then my beautiful sister Tisa will undoubtedly be welcomed there,” the actress writes. “She was the best of us – I have never met a more generous and loving person. She loved life and never complained. Never.”

Her sister Tisa apparently died in her sleep. “This is a difficult time for all of us who admire and love her so much,” Farrow concluded the post on the social media platform. In addition to her daughter Bridget and her grandson Kylor – the “lights of her life”, as her sister writes – Tisa Farrow is also survived by her siblings Mia, Prudence, Stephanie and John.