In the office, many people sit in front of a screen all day, occasionally they look at Instagram on their smartphone more than once, and in the evening they binge-watch series on Netflix to relax: our visual organs long for relaxation. And this is where eye yoga comes into play.

Our modern lifestyle has led us to spend hours staring at screens. This can lead to eye strain, dryness, tightness and even long-term vision problems. Through regular exercises, the eye muscles can be both strengthened and relaxed, which leads to a noticeable improvement in well-being.

Eye yoga consists of a series of simple exercises that help relax the eye muscles, promote blood circulation and possibly improve vision. Eye yoga can be particularly beneficial for those who spend long hours in front of computers or smartphones.

One of the simplest exercises is the so-called “palming”. To do this, rub your hands vigorously together until they are warm and then place them gently over your closed eyes. Now feel into the warmth and darkness that surrounds the eyes. This helps relax the eyes and relieve the stress that comes from constantly staring at screens.

Another useful eye yoga exercise is blinking and winking. Blinking consciously and regularly will moisten your eyes again. Blinking alternately with the right and left eye also loosens and relaxes you. If you work a lot in front of a screen, you should try to blink consciously every few minutes to keep your eyes hydrated and avoid dryness.

Rolling your eyes is another simple but effective exercise. To do this, close your eyes and finally roll them slowly in circular movements. This helps improve the flexibility of the eye muscles and promote blood circulation.

Eye Yoga is particularly effective if you practice it regularly: Through regular practice, the eyes can become more relaxed and resilient, which leads to a noticeable improvement in well-being. It’s an easy and accessible way to care for our eyes and keep them healthy in a world dominated by digital screens. It’s worth trying out!