Setback for Till Lindemann (60): After the investigation into allegations of sexual abuse against him was stopped at the end of August, the situation seemed to ease for the Rammstein singer. Now his long-standing record company Universal Music has announced that it has withdrawn from collaboration on a solo album planned for this fall. This was decided “in August” and “together with Till Lindemann”.

Lindemann wants to go on a solo tour in November – with a new solo album in his luggage. With his band Rammstein, Lindemann has been working closely with the Berlin record company Universal Music for years. That’s why it was considered a given that Universal Music would also produce the frontman’s new solo album. However, according to Universal Music, the collaboration is “suspended” until further notice.

“Till Lindemann and Universal Music jointly decided in August 2023 to suspend collaboration on the solo album planned for autumn 2023. The background was the public prosecutor’s investigations against Till Lindemann, which have now been discontinued. This means that the album will be released in time for the start of the concert tour planned for November 2023 Till Lindemann and Universal Music have mutually decided that Till Lindemann can release this album without Universal Music. We will inform you about future releases in due course,” said a spokesman when asked by the news agency spot on news. The “Bild” newspaper first reported on it.

The Berlin public prosecutor’s office only announced the closure on August 29th. Meanwhile, Lindemann is sticking to the previously known tour dates on his website: He starts his European tour on November 8th in Düsseldorf. After further stops in Germany, he went to the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, the Baltic states, Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium and Great Britain. The final concert is scheduled to take place in Paris on December 20th.