After a woman made allegations against the band after a Rammstein concert in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius, the local police now apparently gave an update. As the “Bild” claims to have found out from the authorities, no preliminary proceedings against Till Lindemann (60) will be initiated in Lithuania. This coincides with a report by the Lithuanian site “”.

The justification for this decision is therefore “that there are no statements on the facts”. Corresponding documents from the Northern Irish police have not yet been submitted. The alleged victim, a woman from Northern Ireland, posted pictures of bruises on her hip on Instagram after the concert. According to her statement, the injuries occurred at a backstage party of the band.

According to the concert visitor in Lithuania, numerous other women had reported on social networks and made serious allegations against Lindemann. About a week ago, the band then released a statement via Instagram, which reads, among other things: “The publications of the last few days have caused irritation and questions among the public and especially among our fans. The allegations have hit us all very badly and we take them extremely seriously.”

The six musicians don’t want any “public prejudice” – in either direction. “We condemn any kind of transgression and ask you: Do not participate in public prejudice of any kind towards those who have made allegations. They have a right to their point of view,” the post reads.

But the band not only demands this for the women who raise the allegations, but also for themselves: “But we, the band, also have a right – namely not to be prejudiced either.”