After a Rammstein concert in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius, numerous allegations against Till Lindemann (60), the band’s singer and frontman, have gradually emerged in recent weeks. Shelby Lynn was the first woman to make allegations in May. Among other things, she published photos of bruises on her body. As is now known, according to a media report, she is now being investigated in Lithuania.

“The investigation was initiated in July 2023 after receipt of the statement from the Rammstein frontman’s lawyer,” a spokesman for the district public prosecutor’s office confirmed to the “Bild” newspaper upon request. They do not want to provide precise information so as not to hinder the investigation. According to “Bild”, an investigation is allegedly being carried out on suspicion of defamation. No charges have been brought so far.

In June, Lindemann had his lawyers reject the allegations against him as “untrue without exception.” Also in June, the public prosecutor’s office in Vilnius announced that there would be no preliminary proceedings against Lindemann or other band members.

“In order to further clarify Ms. Lynn’s allegations, we have initiated our own investigations for our client,” Lindemann’s lawyers announced a little later. According to a corresponding press release, pictures and a clip that Lynn published on social media after the concert were submitted to the Institute of Forensic Medicine at the University Hospital of Cologne. The report suggested that, from a forensic medical perspective, the findings were not typical of external influence. However, external influence is not “completely ruled out”.

At the end of August, the Berlin public prosecutor’s office closed an investigation against Lindemann. According to a press release, this was initiated “due to complaints from third parties in connection with press reporting. The information given by witnesses in the press reporting was not confirmed by the investigation.”