This year’s Rammstein tour in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius was also the starting signal for numerous allegations against the Berlin band, especially against frontman Till Lindemann (60). Northern Ireland singer Shelby Lynn posted pictures of bruises on her body after the concert and suggested she was drugged at a band party. However, there will be no preliminary proceedings against Lindemann or other members of the band, as the public prosecutor’s office in Vilnius has now confirmed in a press release.

This decision was made “after proper investigation and evaluation of the data obtained to clarify the circumstances of the incident”. For further justification it says: “The decision to refuse to open a pre-trial investigation of the facts was made on the conclusion that at the time of the offense there was no conduct that contained the elements of a criminal offense or misdemeanour.”

In the course of testimony, including from Lynn himself, and the review of various “data and documents that were relevant to the investigation”, “no objective factual evidence” was found – neither for “physical violence, psychological coercion or other acts of violence of a sexual nature “. Lynn can now appeal against the decision to “refuse to initiate investigations into this matter”.

The Northern Irishwoman had previously complained that the Vilnius police would not launch a criminal investigation into the frontman and any other suspects. She was then questioned on site for another five hours, as she herself stated. Now, after the renewed examination, however, the Lithuanian public prosecutor’s office came to the same conclusion.

After Shelby Lynn’s statements, numerous other women reported on social networks and made similar allegations. The Berlin public prosecutor is still investigating against Lindemann. The musician let his lawyers say that the allegations against him were “without exception untrue”.