Hollywood comes to Mallorca for Til Schweiger (59). As reported by the “Bild” newspaper, among others, the German acting star stood in front of the camera in his hotel on the Spanish island for a new strip together with his daughter Luna (26).

The film is therefore entitled “Hollywood And Crime”. In addition to the Schweigers, it should also include Alec Baldwin (64), Mickey Rourke (70) and Danny Trejo (78). It is currently unclear when the project will appear.

The production had traveled extra because Schweiger didn’t have time to fly to the USA. “Til didn’t have time, so we came to him now,” director Mike Hatton (44) explained to the daily newspaper. Actually, they wanted to shoot in Santa Monica.

“It was actually like that. My management had asked me if Luna and I could come to LA for the shoot, so I said ‘no time, no’. The team then decided ‘okay, then we’ll come to you’ [ …]”, confirms Schweiger. In the film, the 59-year-old is a “crazy super movie star and director from Russia who now wants to conquer Hollywood with his daughter – who plays my daughter Luna,” he continues.

“I really like playing with my daughter because she is highly talented,” Schweiger enthuses to the “Mallorca Zeitung”. How does he describe his role? “The guy is so crazy and so is his daughter.”

It’s not the first time the two have appeared in front of the camera together. Luna Schweiger has appeared in her father’s productions several times – including “Keinohrhasen” and “Kokowääh”. Schweiger’s youngest daughter Emma (20) can also be seen in it alongside both of them.