Quite a change for long-time ESC fans: For the first time since 1997, a different voice commented on the Eurovision Song Contest on Das Erste. Peter Urban (76) announced in 2023 that he would be handing over the reins after 25 years. His successor Thorsten Schorn (48) celebrated his premiere at the 68th Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö, Sweden. How is the radio presenter received by the TV audience?

On Platform X, Schorn receives mostly positive feedback. “After just twelve minutes I think that Thorsten Schorn is a great successor to Peter Urban,” says one user. “Guys, how brilliant is Thorsten Schorn! We celebrate every comment he makes here,” writes another.

The commentator’s humor is particularly well received by the “Great voice, informative, the right pinch of humor. Already a winner,” praises another.

Some users also criticize Thorsten Schorn: “I find Thorsten Schorn’s comments largely embarrassing. Old white man vibes,” writes one user. “The humor of Thorsten Schorn

A statement by Thorsten Schorn in particular caused criticism among some X users. After the performance of the Israeli Eden Golan (20), the commentator mentioned the numerous pro-Palestinian demonstrators on the streets of Malmö and explained: “It is criticized that Russia was excluded, but Israel was not, regardless of its actions in the Gaza Strip.”

“Incredibly bad comment from Thorsten Schorn comparing Israel with Russia,” says one user. Another classifies: “Thorsten Schorn correctly says that there were and are protests against Israel in Malmö. And talks about the comparison with Russia. But does not explain that the Russian channels are Putin propagandists and therefore Russia is not allowed to take part – the Israeli one But the station reports journalistically, also critically of Netanyahu.”