Bet that this Instagram profile will gather followers in no time? Show titan Thomas Gottschalk (72) ventures into the adventure of social media at the age of 72 and apparently plans to post regularly on Instagram himself. In any case, he announced his intentions personally in a video in which he says: “For years I’ve been kneeling in front of my bed at night and praying: ‘Dear God, make me godly that I’ll be on Insta soon.’ He heard my prayers – I’m now on Insta, the real me! […] I think things are going fast, I want to have 500 followers soon,” is his modest hope.

There are already a few more followers – the account is currently followed by just over 21,000 people (as of March 29, 12:00 p.m.). Anyone who is rightly wondering why the profile has already accumulated almost 1,000 posts will get the answer in the text of Gottschalk’s video announcement: “The best-of account becomes new @TheReal.ThomasGottschalk”. The moderator has apparently taken over an existing account, but the blue tick that verifies the authenticity is (still) missing.

In another post, he quotes from a “Bild” interview that he gave regarding his latest Instagram activity: “After I rediscovered love in my late sixties, the second step follows: Instagram! Everyone out there obviously only want one thing: to encourage other people. I want that too!”

His humorous appeal to all companions in the 70+ club: “Forget ‘Storm of Love’, throw away your puzzle newspapers. Show your cool side, go digital and post what moves you. Your grandchildren will show you How’s it going?” Meanwhile, as an elderly influencer, he himself wants to show practical tips “how to filter out wrinkles. And keep your hands off TikTok for now. When you dance, you only break your bones.”