The 80s cult duo Mike Krüger (71) and Thomas Gottschalk (72) are back. The two will present their podcast “Die Supernasen” on RTL Musik from April 19, as the RTL broadcaster announced on Wednesday. “I’ve always talked too much in my life and revealed too much,” explains Gottschalk about his new project. That’s why it’s fitting that he now has a podcast with Krüger: “I can’t guarantee anything, but I promise: ‘Die Supernasen’ is the first all-round honest podcast, we don’t lie.”

His partner is also looking forward to going back together: “Thomas and I have each been in show business for 50 years. […] We definitely have something to talk about for 100 years – if nobody stops us.” The entertainers go on a journey through time together with the listeners: via Gottschalk’s official Instagram account, the first episode is also about the 70s. “They drop names that no one knows anymore and make jokes that no one laughs at anymore … except her!” It says in a post with a picture during the podcast recording.

In addition to the stories from their “wild time”, “Die Supernasen” also have different podcast sections in their quiver. In addition, the two want to answer fan questions, perform songs and provide insights into the world of celebrities. The podcast will initially always be available exclusively on RTL Musik and a week later on other streaming providers.

Thomas Gottschalk and Mike Krüger met each other on the radio in the 1970s. Their greatest joint success so far is undoubtedly the Supernasen film series. It all started in 1992 with the hit movie “Pirate Channel Powerplay”. This was followed by “The Super Noses” (1983), “Two Noses Refuel Super” (1984) and “The Beginners” (1985).