The setting for the six-part historical TV series “Davos 1917” is a sanatorium in the snow-covered Swiss Alps during the First World War (1914-1918). International spa guests, decision-makers, but also many spies gather in the remote location. When the daughter of the house, the Swiss nurse Johanna Gabathuler (Dominique Devenport, born 1996), returns heavily pregnant from her Red Cross mission at the front, her illegitimate daughter is taken away from her in the delivery room. Instead, she is supposed to marry an influential politician in order to save the financially struggling “Cronwald” cure house. A supposed spa guest, Countess Ilse von Hausner (Jeanette Hain, 54), takes advantage of Johanna’s hopeless situation. She turns out to be an agent for the German secret service and hires Johanna…

So much for the first episode, which will be broadcast on Das Erste together with episodes two and three this Wednesday (December 20th) from 8:15 p.m.

As the story progresses, which according to the intro is “inspired by true events”, Johanna develops into an important player in the espionage network in the midst of a patriarchal world. In order to win her daughter back, she gets involved in the dangerous game – and suddenly becomes the deciding factor…

The first will show episodes four to six on Thursday (December 21st), also at prime time.

The exciting plot is brought to life by a fabulous ensemble. First and foremost is Dominique Devenport as Johanna. The Swiss-American actress has already shone as the leading actress in the RTL series “Sisi” (2021-2022). The reward: nominations for the Romy, the German Television Prize and the Jupiter Award.

The Munich actress Jeanette Hain plays the opaque Countess Ilse von Hausner. On Boxing Day, the busy Grimme Prize winner also plays the lead role in the episode “Tatort: ​​Loss of Control” (December 26th, 8:15 p.m., the first). TV and film highlights such as “Luden” (2023), “Herzogpark” (2022), “Der Palast” (2021), “Lindenberg! Do your thing” (2020), “Werk ohne Autor” (2018) or “ Winter potato dumplings” (2014) can be found in her filmography.

Other well-known faces in “Davos 1917” include David Kross (33, “Krabat”, “The Reader”, “The King’s Man”) as Dr. Mangold, Sunnyi Melles (65, “Crime Scene: Murder Under Mistletoe”) as Olga Belova, Cornelius Obonya (54, “Crime Scene: Down in the Valley”) as General Taylor or Stipe Erceg (49, “Honey Women”, “Blueberry Blue”) as unscrupulous Franz.