Shake, shake, shake, that’s how Cheyenne and Nino, accompanied by their little daughter Mavie, go to the wedding ring specialist in the second episode of “Die Ochsenknechts”. Actually, Cheyenne envisions a proper bling, but at the same time wants the wedding rings to match. A difficult situation, but the daughter of Uwe and Natascha Ochsenknecht is in many ways less complicated than you might think at first. The same goes for choosing a partner.

“Well, I would never cheat on Nino and neither would he cheat on me” – from the off, as is so often the case in life, a voice sounds: “If Johnny Depp stood in front of you at a young age?” – Cheyenne immediately: “Nooo”, the man from the off who is part of the production team follows up: “Brad Pitt?” She immediately: “Nope.” And also the offer: “Both together?” rejects the 22-year-old.

Whereby… “Ok, wait,” she shoots out and briefly revises the refusal. After a fun pause for thought, she decides against it. At the tender age of 22, Cheyenne further analyzes that she was young once and did enough nonsense.

Thankfully, however, the fiancées aren’t slacking on imagining their future. Even if Cheyenne Ochsenknecht Nino Sifkovits has to kick his ass when choosing the ring, after mentally getting bogged down at the wedding ring table with a joke below the belt line.

Meanwhile, Natascha Ochsenknecht practices beaming with her eyes at a photo shoot. Certainly a trait she can recycle at her daughter’s upcoming wedding. While the mother of the TV family is analyzing with the photographer how wide she should open her mouth, a question that Natascha rarely asks herself linguistically, the viewer’s jaw may drop. The former model presents herself in a clean and sleek look, completely different from the 58-year-old glitter and neon lover known from the red carpets in Germany. While the viewer probably slowly closes his mouth again, one realizes: she still has it as a model and the look suits Natascha phenomenally.

Wilson Gonzalez also slips into a different role: “I can definitely identify with the noodle”. Shame on anyone who thinks of something indecent here. What is meant is his new acting role called “Nudel”, a radio operator in the series “Das Boot”. However, before Wilson finally dives into the submarine, he makes a confession. He has given up smoking weed. It had reached dimensions that he had an ashtray next to him, woke up in the night, took two drags and went back to sleep. “I was breathing like Darth Vader and in between I thought, if this continues, I need to be ventilated for the night,” he explains the stoned state. Fit and looking forward to filming, Wilson visits the set and is shown everything, including the locus in the submarine.

Fortunately, the Ochsenknechts don’t go under for too long, because the reality TV format will continue next week: Every Monday from 8:15 p.m. there will be new episodes on Sky One, as well as parallel on Sky and the streaming service WOW on demand.