In “Tatort: ​​This time it’s different” (April 28th, 8:15 p.m., the first), the Cologne investigators Max Ballauf (Klaus J. Behrendt, 64) and Freddy Schenk (Dietmar Bär, 63) meet many exciting women. These actresses are behind the roles.

West Berlin-born Jenny Schily (56) studied at the renowned Ernst Busch Academy of Drama from 1991 to 1995. The daughter of the former Federal Interior Minister Otto Schily (91) then shone on theater stages in Dresden, Frankfurt am Main and in her hometown.

After her debut in “Sunny Point” (1994), Jenny Schily played her first major television role – the pop singer’s wife – in the film biography “Roy Black You’re Not Alone – The Roy Black Story” (1996). Since then, she has appeared in numerous well-known productions, including “Babylon Berlin (2019-2022) and most recently in the future season of the successful series “Charité” (2024). “Tatort: ​​This time it’s different” is already her tenth Sunday crime thriller with a Leading role in the episode.

Annina Hellenthal (40) was born in Bochum, completed her acting training in Cologne from 2004 to 2008 and made her debut in the role of a student in the Münster Sunday crime thriller “Tatort: ​​Das eternal Böse” (2006).

Fans of the series “Betty’s Diagnosis” (since 2015) know her as one of the actresses in the title role, which changes over the course of the seasons. Annina Hellenthal played the head nurse of the admission ward (Betty) from 2017 to 2023.

Like Jenny Schily, the award-winning American-German actress Leslie Malton (64) has also had many appearances in Sunday crime dramas, including one of her first television roles in the Berlin crime thriller “Tatort: ​​Evidence Collection” (1981). She was last seen in the Falke crime thriller “Tatort: ​​What remains” (2024).

Born in Washington, D.C., the diplomat’s daughter studied acting in Boston and London. Leslie Malton had her first theater engagements at the Burgtheater in Vienna. The actress was awarded many awards for her role in the successful TV four-part series “The Great Bellheim” (1993).

The actress Katja Hutko, born in Berlin in 1994, made her debut in Til Schweiger’s (60) cinema “Tatort” spin-off “Tschiller: Off Duty” (2016) after training as an actor in Rostock.

Her other films include the rape drama “Nothing that happens to us” (2023), the midwifery series “Push” (2024) and the comedy series “Other Parents” (since 2019).