After actress Rebel Wilson (44) recently made serious allegations against comedian and actor Sacha Baron Cohen (52), she now revealed in a new interview with the British “Sun” that other women had also contacted her about this. The 44-year-old would find this circumstance “comforting”.

Actress Wilson, who worked with Baron Cohen in “The Spy and His Brother” in 2016, makes serious allegations against the star in her recently published autobiography “Rebel Rising”. On the set of the comedy, he bullied her several times and forced her to “take off her clothes.” He also suddenly pulled down his pants and allegedly said: “Rebel, can you stick your finger in my butt?”

Cohen immediately and vehemently denied the allegations, telling TMZ through his spokesman: “While we know how important it is to be able to express yourself freely, these demonstrably false allegations are directly refuted by extensive, detailed evidence, including contemporary evidence Documents, footage and eyewitness accounts from people who were present before, during and after the production of The Spy and His Brother.”

Wilson reported to the “Sun” in an interview: “The comforting thing is that several women have now made contact and it is up to them whether they want to go public with their stories.” It remains unclear what exactly happened to the people in question, who have so far remained anonymous.

Meanwhile, Wilson is certain that it would be “difficult” for those affected to make further allegations against Baron Cohen. Because it’s “hard to say anything against someone who is in the public eye because they hit you with expensive lawyers and crisis PR people and all sorts of little tricks.”

This is exactly what the actress wants to have experienced first hand. In a recent Instagram story, she accused Baron Cohen of blocking the publication of her memoirs in certain countries.

“Now available in the US. The UK and Australia are temporarily delayed by an asshole, but not for long,” Wilson explained on the social network shortly after the comedian’s divorce from his long-time wife Isla Fisher, 48, was announced. With the statement she is referring to Baron Cohen, who she had previously claimed was trying to silence her with the help of expensive lawyers and PR crisis managers.

Nevertheless, in an interview with the Sun, Wilson is certain that ultimately “the truth will come to light.”

Meanwhile, the British “Sun” also claims to have found out a possible reason for the comedian accused of Wilson’s divorce from his partner Isla Fisher. After the British newspaper reported on Friday evening (April 5th), shortly after the celebrity couple’s separation became known, that Wilson’s allegations were the trigger for the announcement of the divorce that took place last year, it is now reported that a conflict over where to live could possibly have been the reason for the divorce.

Accordingly, the English-born Baron Cohen wanted to move the family’s center of life from Australia back to his native London, while the Australian Fisher was happier in her home country.

Fisher and Baron Cohen moved to Sydney in the Corona year 2020 and have lived in the city of Perth since 2021, where the actress’s family also lives. The couple is said to have met at a party in Australia in 2001. The engagement followed in 2004, and the first of three children together was born in 2007. Another three years later, the wedding bells finally rang.