James Gunn (56) would like to shoot again with Margot Robbie (32). The director, who shot “The Suicide Squad” with Robbie as Harley Quinn in 2021, just revealed this on Twitter. A user asked him if he will shoot with the Australian again. “Certainly,” the filmmaker replied simply.

However, there is no concrete plan for a third film based on the “Suicide Squad” series from DC. There are no other projects with Gunn and Robbie yet. James Gunn took over as director of The Suicide Squad when he moved from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to DC. David Ayer (55) shot the first film “Suicide Squad”, which flopped with fans, in 2016 with Margot Robbie.

In a 2021 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, James Gunn spoke highly of Margot Robbie. He referred to her as his likely “favorite actress”. In terms of gender, only Chukwudi Iwuji (48), with whom he shot “The Peacemaker”, and Glenn Close (76, “Guardians of the Galaxy) play in the same league for him.

What James Gunn appreciates about Margot Robbie: She is good in different areas. “She’s a fantastic actress, she’s a fantastic comedian and she’s a fantastic athlete,” he said. In addition, she is a “great person” without airs and graces.

The admiration is mutual. Margot Robbie called James Gunn a “visionary director” in a 2021 interview. She also mentioned his “bizarre humor”, which was very “weird and special”.

This humor has gotten James Gunn into trouble before. He was fired from Marvel parent company Disney in 2018. Old tweets had surfaced in which he had made fun of rape and pedophilia.