In the second show of the tenth season of “The Masked Singer” (ProSieben), Palina Rojinski (38), Rick Kavanian (53) and rate guest Linda Zervakis (48) were amazed this Saturday (April 13th).

This time, Palina’s favorite mask, the baby lion Tapsi, was voted out by the audience and thus unmasked. Even though the advisory team unanimously agreed on Uschi Glas (80) after the performance of “Baby Love”, they couldn’t believe their eyes when the actress actually emerged from under the lion’s head. “That was really fun, it was really great!” said Glass, who was still dancing. And explained that she would have liked to have stuck with it longer: “Dressing up is the most beautiful thing there is. The fact that they recognized me so early really stinks!”

Six other masks previously puzzled the jury. Mythical creature Elgonia revealed a wooden shoe and Bastian Pastewka (52) as new evidence and sang “She Works Hard for the Money”. Zervakis bet on LaFee (33), but Kavanian stuck with Max Giesinger’s (35) tip from last week: Nadja Benaissa (41) from the No Angels.

This time the crocodile gave a black hat and the numbers “14/6” as a clue to his identity. When the date came to mind, Kavanian immediately thought of Donald Trump (77), whose birthday is actually June 14th. After the performance of “The World Is Not Enough” by Garbage, Rojinski felt more reminiscent of Ben Becker (59). Kavanian guessed YouTuber Gronkh (47), Zervakis believed in Ralf Moeller (65).

The flea could come from Upper Bavaria and own a pony, that was at least what he gave as new evidence. On stage he presented Taylor Swift’s (34) “Me!” and squealed his way into the hearts of the audience. Zervakis was reminded of the Thalbach acting family, more specifically Nellie Thalbach (29), by the flea’s big eyes. Palina had to think of “Tatort” actress Christine Urdict (53).

This time the cotton candy showed a new side: With horror clowns, studded belts and black strands, the pink cloud brought AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” to the stage. However, a “Tokyo” tag and a “Fair” sign completely confused the guessing team. Names like Martina Hill (49), Jasna Fritzi Bauer (35) and Bill Kaulitz (34) were mentioned incoherently.

The most breathless performance this week came from Robodog, which didn’t stop Palina from praising that voice too. Previously there was, among other things, a frog in a glass and the exclamation “I’m a star – get me out of here” as a new clue. For Rojinski, Nazan Eckes (47) could hide under the mask, while Zervakis could imagine the weightlifter Lisa Marie Schweizer (28).

The flip flop brought little light into the mystery with milk and jam. But he had the most absurd show of the evening: a toned man with a bare torso and a flamingo mask danced wildly in a shower, flanked by oversized rubber ducks, while the huge flip flop in the middle of the stage sang “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers and brushed his teeth and armpits with a brush. The guess team let their imagination run wild and guessed Joey Heindle (30), Nick Howard (41) or the Lochis (24).

This time the mystery of the week sang “Shape Of My Heart” by the Backstreet Boys. The audience probably didn’t fully understand the principle of the weekly changing bird costume and once again tipped off Rolando Villazón (52) via the app. However, he was already under the mask last week, which is why presenter Matthias Opdenhövel (53) explained again: “It’s someone different every week!” The live voting quickly changed to Giovanni Zarrella (46) – which was correct.