“The Masked Singer” starts its tenth season on April 6th (every Saturday, 8:15 p.m., live on ProSieben and on Joyn). Then Palina Rojinski (38) and Rick Kavanian (53) will speculate with a changing guest every week about which stars are behind the masks. The grand finale is scheduled to take place on May 18th. The mask show has already produced nine winners – all of whom were able to shine with their vocal talent and musical experience.

Max Mutzke (42) won the first season of the ProSieben show “The Masked Singer” in August 2019. As an astronaut, he enchanted the audience and the guessing team with his voice. “Nobody knew what to expect, neither the participants nor those involved in the show. Then it became such a successful television format and winning it was really cool,” Mutzke said enthusiastically in an interview with spot on news in March 2020 from the premiere of the format. Grasshopper Gil Ofarim (41) and angel Bülent Ceylan (48) landed behind him.

In 2020, Tom Beck (46) took home victory in season two. “The biggest challenge was the secrecy over this long period of time. Not even my parents knew that I was taking part,” explained the singer and actor in an interview with spot on news six months after his victory. For the show, he slipped into an oversized sloth costume night after night – a “really sweaty affair,” as Beck reported. Wuschel Mike Singer (24) and Drache Gregor Meyle (45) landed behind him.

A successor was already chosen in autumn 2020: Sarah Engels (31) impressed in a spookily beautiful skeleton costume. Alien Alec Völkel (52) and hippopotamus Nelson Müller (45) came in second. “The secrecy has cost a lot of energy and time. If you’re as active on social media as I am, it’s really difficult to confuse everyone,” Engels explained to spot on news shortly after her victory.

The next winner was chosen in spring 2021: singer Sasha (52) prevailed. Behind him were Leopard Cassandra Steen (44) and Flamingo Ross Antony (49). The winner faced a special hurdle when taking part: his friend Rea Garvey (50) was on the advice team. “It was really difficult with Rea. Knowing that one of my best friends was sitting there. That was actually a point that I thought about when deciding whether to take part or not,” he said in the winner’s interview with spot on news . “I would never have dreamed that he would ultimately win the show.”

Mülli Müller prevailed in the grand finale of the ProSieben show in November 2021 and won the fifth season. Under the costume of the blue-green garbage monster was none other than ex-“DSDS” winner and musical star Alexander Klaws (40). “It was all kind of surreal and crazy,” he looked back on his journey on the rate show in an interview with spot on news. He also revealed: “My son played Mülli Müller in kindergarten – this is no joke – even though he didn’t know it was me.” His victory brought him a new job: Klaws was on the advice team in the “Masked Singer” spin-off “The Masked Dancer”.

In spring 2022 there was the big showdown between Zebra and Dornteufel. The zebra was able to prevail in the final duel. The striped animal was so happy that it lost its mask when it hugged presenter Matthias Opdenhövel (53) – a brief moment of shock. However, the presenter reacted immediately and hid the celebrity’s face until the mask was back in place. Finally, Klaws, as Mülli Müller, handed over the shiny trophy to the zebra, among which was Ella Finally (39). “It was incredible. It’s really like everyone says: The team here is incredible. It was so much fun,” enthused Finally after her win in season six.

In the finale of the seventh season of “The Masked Singer,” Rusty, the Mole, the Tooth Fairy and the Werewolf were able to maintain their disguise until (almost) the end. In order to find out about the masked people, guessing expert Ruth Moschner (47) received support from Judith Williams (52) and Riccardo Simonetti (31). The mole stayed in his costume for the longest time and was named the winner of the show. Under the disguise was musician and actor Daniel Donskoy (34), who used his exposure to draw attention to an important issue. Donskoy pointed out that women in Iran are banned from dancing and singing in public. With the words “Woman, life, freedom,” the actor set an example for human rights and democracy.

The former “DSDS” winner Luca Hänni (29) won the eighth season of the celebrity mask show “The Masked Singer” in spring 2023. The Swiss singer, as Shoebill, prevailed over actress Felicitas Woll (44) as a hedgehog, among others. Shortly after the victory, Hänni released the single “Not Everyone’s Darling” with his “Masked Singer” colleague Patricia Kelly (54). Luca Hänni also proved that he is a big fan of the format in his home country: He has been a member of the advice team for “The Masked Singer Switzerland” several times.

In the ninth season in autumn 2023, the ice princess was at the top of the podium. Jennifer Rostock frontwoman Jennifer Weist (37) hid behind the costume with the ice blue eyes, which “melted all our hearts,” as it was said in an Instagram post on the ProSieben show. “Tatort” actor Hendrik Duryn (56) had to take off his Mustang mask beforehand and the Swiss film actor Pasquale Aleardi (52) turned out to be a lulatsch.

The “Masked Singer” universe has already expanded and spawned two new shows. In December 2021, three Christmas masks competed against each other in the spin-off “The Masked Singer – The Mysterious Christmas Show”. Yvonne Catterfeld (44) won the festive special edition as the singing Christmas goose. The spin-off “The Masked Dancer” also launched at the beginning of 2022. The guessing team doesn’t use the singing as a guide, but rather has to try to unmask the celebrities through movement patterns, music, choreography and the clips for the respective masks. All-round talent Oli.P (45) won as a monkey. In an interview with spot on news, he explained afterwards: “Physically it was the greatest exertion I can remember in my life.”