Week three on The Masked Singer and even the confusion is confused. The cotton candy became an opera singer, the flip flop suddenly saw double and the crocodile fell in love. Wotan Wilke Möhring (56), who tried to support the rate team, consisting of Palina Rojinski (38) and Rick Kavanian (53), didn’t help either.

At least one mystery was solved again on Saturday evening (April 20th) on ProSieben: Annett Louisan (47) could be in the pink cloud costume of the cotton candy, said Kavanian shortly before the unmasking and was right. “This is the most exciting thing I’ve ever experienced on stage,” said Louisan after she was finally able to take off what was probably the warmest costume in ten seasons.

Previously, she had dueled with the crocodile under the motto “Radio Hits”, confusing the guessing team with a surprising operatic performance. The name Nina Hagen (69) was even mentioned in between. The scary crocodile costume then roared out “Poison” by Alice Cooper (76) with bright yellow eyes – for Palina Rojinski. Afterwards there was a gift for the presenter: a crocodile handbag, consisting of a stuffed animal with handles. Rojinski hardly dared to go on stage, but it got even scarier: “I have a video of you,” the crocodile continued to threaten and: “I know you from the beach.” Palina guessed Ralf Möller (65) or Ben Becker (59) as her admirer. The only question is whether they are vegetarians, which was a new clue. The joint performance of “Barbie Girl” ultimately didn’t provide any new insights.

Next up were Elgonia and Robodog, who performed movie songs. The harbinger of spring moved Rojinski to tears with her version of “It Must Have Been Love” by Roxette. The guess team also thought they recognized “someone from Monrose or the No Angels” under the mythical creature mask. Robodog then relied on feeling. The Cinderella ballad in English and French was perfect for the tone of the dog, who couldn’t sing at all last week. “I’m totally confused,” Kavanian and Rojinski admitted afterwards. And randomly dropped names like Collien Ulmen-Fernandes (42), Pamela Reif (27) or Nazan Eckes (47). During “The Power of Love” both costumes were able to demonstrate their voices once again.

Flea and Flip Flop dueled under the motto “Disco Night”. The flip flop had a special surprise in store: one suddenly became two during the performance of “Club Tropicana”, which makes perfect sense when it comes to shoes. The guess team immediately brainstormed every pair of brothers in German showbiz: the Lochis, the Wolter twins, the Ehrlich brothers and the Kaulitz brothers were the hottest picks. The flea then sang Kylie Minogue’s (55) “Your Disco Needs You”. The rate team named Martina Hill (49), Mirja Boes (52) and all “Tatort” actresses as possible celebrities under the mask. “I’m confused” was the unanimous opinion.

This week’s mystery was a woman and no stranger: “I’ve been here before,” the black bird revealed before his appearance. After the performance of “Before You Go” by Lewis Capaldi (27), it was clear that it had to be a professional singer. Rojinski: “I hope you go on tour because I want to go to every concert.” She can do that soon too. After internet research, Möhring and Rojinski agreed with the unanimous Twitter opinion and guessed Stefanie Heinzmann (35). And the swarm intelligence turned out to be right.