“The Masked Singer” announces the second costume for the upcoming eighth season. The hedgehog introduces himself to the fans on the Instagram page of the successful singing show.

“Warning prickly!” it says in the text. “This freaky outfit already exudes a lot of star appeal.” It goes on to say “On the big one

It is an extremely punky specimen of the insectivore. The spines of the hedgehog, or more likely the hedgehog, are partially brightly colored. In addition, the animal presents an earring and pink-colored claws. The hedgehog wears a skirt with a red check pattern, a black leather jacket with colorful appliqués and pink cuffs over neon green shoes.

The new costume has been well received by fans, as can be seen in the comments on social media. Some commenters are reminded of Ash, the spiky rocker from the 2021 movie ‘Sing: The Show of Your Life’. It may not be a hedgehog but a porcupine – but the red checked skirt is almost identical.

In “Sing – The Show of Your Life” Stefanie Klos (38) spoke and sang the German synchronization of the quill animal (originally Scarlett Johansson, 38). Some fans therefore suspect the Silbermond singer under the mask of the hedgehog. But that would probably be too easy.

One day before the hedgehog, ProSieben revealed the first costume of the eighth season: a seahorse. According to the broadcaster, there is a “fashion icon” under the mask, which is said to have taken 600 hours to produce.

The spring season of “The Masked Singer” starts on April 1, 2023 at 8:15 p.m. on ProSieben.