Semifinals on “The Masked Singer” on ProSieben: Flip-Flop, Elgonia, Flea and Crocodile were the masks that could be seen in the 5th edition of the puzzle show. This time, the masked singers each performed a favorite song after their performance. Jan Delay (47) was also there, trying to help the regular rating duo Palina Rojinski (39) and Rick Kavanian (53) with their mental work.

Elgonia was unmasked this week. As Rojinski and Kavanian suspected, Nadja Benaissa (42) from the No Angels was hiding under the mask of the mythical creature. She had previously sung “My Immortal” by Evanescence on stage as confidently as ever. She also performed “I Look To You” by Whitney Houston (1963-2012) as her heartfelt song and emphasized that it had helped her through a difficult time. When she was finally allowed to take off the Elgonia head, presenter Matthias Obdenhövel (53) was amazed: “Even when the mask is off, it looks great because you fit into this costume so well!”

This week the flea provided a podcast microphone, skis and “10 points on another show” as new evidence. The summer hit “I’m Walking On Sunshine” made the rate team think of Anke Engelke (58) or Barbara Schöneberger (50). Jan Delay believed that a full-time actress could hide in the costume and threw the name Ulrike Folkerts (62) around. The flea’s heartfelt song was “Reality” by Richard Sanderson (71) and reminded him of his teenage years. Palina stuck to her tip from the last few weeks: Mirja Boes (52). An assumption that could be confirmed or shattered before the finale: Rojinski also reported that she would be working with Boes next week and would be paying very close attention to their looks. The flea remained professional: “Give her my best regards.”

Flip and Flop were there again. The number ten and a bull in the sunset were her new clues. On stage they performed Michael Jackson’s (1958-2009) “Billie Jean”, including a moonwalk, and handed out flip flops to the audience. This time Rojinski rejected her twin idea with convincing logic: “Otherwise you would be flip and flip or flop and flop.” Álvaro Soler (33) and Nico Santos (31) are now their guesses. Jan Delay believed in the Lochis – “like everyone who hasn’t been living under a rock for the last few years.” Rick Kavanian stayed with the Ehrlich Brothers.

In his dramatic performance of “The Final Countdown,” the crocodile dispensed with dancers or stage sets and relied entirely on his own presence and voice. And left Jan Delay standing there with his mouth open: “That’s so bad because I know this voice! This voice has already spoken very close to me!”, the musician was sure. And dropped names like Tim Mälzer (53) and Axel Prahl (64). The crocodile gave a organic waste bin, a plate of vegetables and a cross of merit as new clues. His heartfelt song was Queen’s “Killer Queen”. After looking at all the previous clues, the guessing team finally agreed on Sebastian Krumbiegel (57) from the princes as the most likely costume wearer.

The mystery had something to do with the ESC this week and enjoyed drinking tea. On stage, the changing mask performed “Moon River” and spoke only English. Jan Delay immediately recognized that it had to be “a complete professional”. And actually: It was the German-British pop singer Ireen Sheer (75).

The Flip Flops once again became the audience’s favorite in this episode and were able to call it a day after the first performance due to the many calls. They compete against the flea and the crocodile in the final. However, due to the ESC interruption, only in two weeks on May 18th.