After season three of the Disney series “The Mandalorian” is before season four – and the sequel trilogy by J.J. Abrams (56) and Rian Johnson (49). With the season finale of the successful “Star Wars” series about Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal, 48) and cuddly Jedi Grogu, some doors are closed, but a huge gate to Episodes VII, VIII and IX is opened. Anyone who has already seen the final episode may have overlooked some interesting clues as to how “The Mandalorian” could continue and close some (logic) gaps in the film series. For everyone else: Warning, massive spoilers ahead!

“Chapter 24: The Return” continues seamlessly from the previous episode. Din, Grogu, Bo-Katan (Katee Sackhoff, 43) and their Mandalorian minions struggle to survive after being ambushed by Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito, 64). The villain, as it turns out in the course of the episode, pursues the plan to create a powerful clone army out of himself. With combined forces, however, the warriors manage to put an end to both the clone army and apparently Gideon once and for all. Villain defeated, home planet liberated and found a new home with foster son Grogu – a more happy ending was almost impossible for “Mando” and Co.

As is well known, we know that since the sequels that were set later, but the First Order also terrorizes the galaxy far, far away in the aftermath. So, much like how Rogue One tied the prequels into the original saga (and plugged one of the biggest plot holes in movie history), season four of The Mandalorian could do a similar job when it comes to the latest trilogy.

In any case, series creator Jon Favreau (56) put some clues in the season finale that invite lively speculation. For example, the mysterious “Project Necromancer”, which Gideon discusses in a shady group loyal to the Empire. Because necromancers are best known for bringing the dead back to life, it has been theorized that season four of The Mandalorian will answer the burning question of how Emperor Palpatine (Ian McDiarmid, 78) literally comes to life in Episode IX could.

A well-known surname from the sequel trilogy also made the rounds in the last “Mandalorian” episode: the character Brendol Hux was introduced, played by Brian Gleeson (35). His brother Domhnall Gleeson (39) embodied the first-order greasy rag Armitage Hux – Brendol’s son – in all three new “Star Wars” films. And then there’s the red-clad, heavily armed bodyguards, who last appeared on screen alongside villain Snoke (Andy Serkis, 59). In short: “The Mandalorian” is preparing to continue to significantly reduce the narrative gaps between Episode VI and Episode VII.

Favreau announced last February that there would be a fourth season of The Mandalorian. At the time, he revealed to French magazine BFMTV Inside that he had already written the scripts for season four during post-production for season three. The whole thing had to feel like “a sequel and a full story,” Favreau continued. With regard to the most recent season finale, he seems to have meant the sequel trilogy in particular.