“It’s not so important what people think of you when you come. What’s more important is what they think of you when you leave”: When Jürgen Klopp (56) said these sentences in 2015 and as the newly appointed coach of Liverpool FC , he couldn’t have imagined how they would resonate almost ten years later. He liked to pretend to be “The Normal One” based on his coaching colleague José “The Special One” Mourinho (61). His career at the traditional English club and especially his farewell had nothing to do with “normal”. But what is Klopp doing now as a retired Liverpool club legend?

Since his announced departure around four months ago, countless football fans have been hoping that “Kloppo” will now help their club to regain its old, new or unprecedented glory. But Klopp remains true to himself – and the Stuttgart native usually does – so patience is required in this regard. And British fans can even give up any hope.

“No club, no country for next year” is Klopp’s own strategy. So until the season after next, which starts in mid-2025, the global clubs don’t even have to bother with him. And the bosses of the Premier League clubs can save themselves the call entirely – “Kloppo” had said in the same breath that he didn’t want to cheat on Liverpool with any other English club: “I can promise that, even if I don’t have anything to eat anymore .”

Jürgen Klopp may have no training for the time being. Instead of a football squad, he is currently diligently planning his living situation. Since spring 2023, Klopp and his wife Ulla Sandrock have been having a villa built in the posh Sonneberg district of the Hesse state capital, according to information from the “Wiesbadener Kurier”. The keys are expected to be handed over this summer.

And there is also a lot of construction going on on Germany’s favorite island, Mallorca: As the “Mallorca Magazine” reports, the Klopps’ property in Santa Ponça is currently being renovated. The finca has been owned by them since 2022 and is currently being transformed into an “ecological family paradise”. Despite Klopp’s domiciles, neither SV Wehen Wiesbaden nor RCD Mallorca should have any chance of getting a coaching appointment…

Like the Bundesliga, the current Premiere League season has just come to a brilliant end. Klopp didn’t say goodbye to the top of the league – Manchester City won the title. Shortly before the season finale, he activated a nice surprise for all Liverpool fans who were afraid of losing: an official Instagram account.

Simply as “kloppo” he lets his fans share his current and probably future emotional state on Instagram. The demand is huge, at least at the moment: in the few days since the account was founded, Klopp has already collected over 2.5 million followers (as of May 21st). If, contrary to expectations, he actually gets into financial difficulties, he could easily make a living as a football influencer – and without having to break his vow to England.