It becomes exceedingly difficult to find a solution to the crisis in the WTO, assesses handelsministeren after the EU meeting.

the Light stand to go out in the appellate body of the world trade organization (WTO) in mid-december, when the don’t have enough judges, and the EU’s attempts to save it have so far been without success.

the EU’s trade ministers have Thursday discussed the crisis, which can lead to a kind junglelov, where the big countries can nose small in the trade friction, if there does not exist a proper solution or a contingency plan.

– It will be extremely difficult. It goes slow, says minister of commerce Jeppe Kofod (S).

from the EU’s point of view there are challenges with the WTO in both the west and the east.

Most acute is the UNITED states’blockade for the appointment of new judges to the appellate body, also known as es) mr president, as the from 10. december no longer work.

the UNITED states, with president Donald Trump in the lead has been angry at the WTO, and he Sultanbet accuses the appellate body to blow the rules.

But also China creates problems, according to the EU not to comply with the WTO rules.

– It is important that we have strengthened the WTO at this time. It is not easy when two big countries, and partners do not support the multinational system. But we must try, ” says Kofod.

the EU trade commissioner, Cecilia Malmström, to confirm after the meeting on Thursday that the UNION continues to work on a contingency plan with, among others, Norway and Canada.

It is a solution, where, on “an ad hoc basis can copy the system” that exists now.

– It is to provide security for our companies, ” says Malmström.

But it does solve course conflicts in relation to the UNITED states and other countries, who might not would be such a temporary solution.

– the WTO penetrates seriously to reforms. The organization is not about to collapse. But if nothing happens, then it will weaken more and more, and it will be indifferent.

These reforms can’t just be fixed like that with one, stresses the Swedish commissioner at the to make one just like that in the air.

Both Malmström and Kofod call the concerns that the U.S. complaints in the WTO, for real.