Netflix announced this Tuesday (September 26th) that filming of the series “The Empress” is continuing. The new episodes of the second season will be created in Bavaria, the Czech Republic and Italy. The German production with the main actors Devrim Lingnau (24, Sisi) and Philip Froissant (29, Franz) is a new interpretation of the story of Elizabeth of Austria (1837-1898) and found many fans last year.

According to Netflix, Elisabeth and Franz’s young marital happiness will be put to the test in the second season. Because the emperor has to face a powerful opponent in Europe and his wife is under pressure because she is expected to be an heir to the throne. Fate takes its course and the famous couple’s love threatens to break down.

In addition to the main actors, Melika Foroutan (47) returns as Archduchess Sophie, Johannes Nussbaum (28) as Archduke Maximilian and Almila Bagriacik (33) as lady-in-waiting Leontine. New additions to the cast include Josephine Thiesen as Princess Marie and Christophe Favre as Napoleon III. Sommerhaus Serie GmbH is responsible for production, and Katharina Eyssen is once again responsible as showrunner. This time Barbara Ott and Maximilian Erlenwein are directing.

The first season of “The Empress” was released on September 29, 2022 and was well received not only in Germany. The German Netflix series stayed at the top of the Netflix charts for five weeks and was in the top 10 of the streaming provider in 88 countries worldwide.