OK. The “home dates”. Can RTL make up for what somehow didn’t work out last week with the “Dream Dates” in Rio? So: create a bit of tension? Lisa, Chiara and Angelina are still in the running for David’s affection, and in episode 10 they lure the bachelor to the German provinces to have coffee with the parents at the tiled table. Or in the case of Angelina: With her sister and her best friend. The group seems nice, but as a mean spectator you secretly think to yourself: Did “Utze” choose the easy way here and not invite anyone from her parents to the meeting?

No, we withdraw this accusation: After the tea party with the girls, the two go to Angelina’s father’s restaurant. She hasn’t seen him for a long time, so the two hug and sob… and you get the feeling that David doesn’t really know why it’s suddenly no longer about him. But then he turns out the nice son-in-law and even tries really hard to explain to Angelina’s father what an influencer is. Luckily he doesn’t tell him that he’s going to kiss and fondle his daughter on her corner sofa afterwards.

Next up is Lisa. The reunion between her and David is somehow more emotional than before with Angelina, even though her brother and her best friend then seem relatively stiff when drinking coffee together. It is particularly remarkable that the best friend of travel friend Lisa explains the decoration of her apartment (very maritime) with the fact that she doesn’t have to go on vacation if she has such pretty four walls of her own. How does that go together? Has Lisa never spoken a word of power?!

David and Lisa then go for a walk and then (surprise surprise!) retreat to the sofa to cuddle. The two actually seem like a couple, the bachelor even reveals that he kept a diary during the show to document his feelings. There’s a lot of kissing and we just hope that he doesn’t end up choosing Chiara anyway. It could really be something with Lisa, but probably not with the other two.

At least Chiara in Soest has a very nice, rustic living room and a sweet family. Why Chiara turned out the way she did despite her kind parents… one can only shrug one’s shoulders at a loss. In any case, we would like to visit her parents right away and eat lasagna. Even if she wasn’t there herself right now … However, Chiara’s charming mother makes the “mistake” to reveal that her daughter’s “Bachelor” participation was a dream. For David’s ego, this is immediately a shrill alarm siren: does the rap journalist only want fame and not his life coaching?

Then Chiara does something strange: she kidnaps David to a nearby monastery and tells them about her faith. Chiara, religious? Well, we don’t want to diss religiousness, nor do we want to diss Chiara, but until now we hadn’t realized that faith plays a significant role in her life. After all, she does us a favor later, when she cuddles with David in her old children’s room, and calls the “Bachelor”, i.e. the show, “Trash”. “Oh, now I’ve offended everyone,” she giggles afterwards.

And then RTL turns the tables: David is allowed to hug his mom again and now has to introduce his three remaining candidates to her. His mother is really nervous and wards off any compliments from the women: No, her “drooping eyelids” come less from laughing than from the sagging tissue. truth bomb She is also more of a “crime scene fan” than a “bachelor” watcher. Also, she uses the word “penis” and, yes, it’s about her son’s. Tsihihi. Of course, all women slime a lot, but Lisa collects bonus points with a self-knotted hanging flower pot.

Still, Mama Jackson claims in the end that she doesn’t have a clear favorite. So the bachelor has to decide for himself. And the first decision is this – for Angelina. whoops Nothing against the cute “Utze”, but in terms of chemistry between the two, we would have guessed that she would have to go today. So who does the second (and last) rose go to? Arrrrrrrgh. Please not Chiara. Please not Chiara. And David says:

“Lisa.” Puuuuuuh. Chiara didn’t even help her sweet family. Whether it was the visit to the monastery or the “Bachelor was her dream” dilemma … maybe Rebecca’s allegations from the penultimate episode resonated. Chiara takes it with dramatic dignity. And thus paves the way for David to choose Lisa in the final. So if he’s smart.