Oh shock, now the supposedly perfect bachelor is showing his true face: the man is an early riser! While others don’t even want to talk, David Jackson (32) already wants to date.

In the second week of “Der Bachelor” (Wednesdays, 8:15 p.m., RTL and in advance on RTL ) he wakes the ladies up at six (!) A.M. with loud music and then invites Lisa (32) to his villa . A date has never triggered less enthusiasm. Lisa hardly slept and reacted as if she had to have a root canal. There are even tears.

But the morning yoga session with David quickly puts an end to the bad mood. Afterwards, the two share dreams of the future over a bowl of muesli by the sea. Except for David’s current place of residence Dubai, there seems to be a lot of agreement, at least with him: “I didn’t even know how to deal with it because I don’t know it at all.” In the pool, the two get closer with a loving hug. The first kiss of the season is in the air, “but that wouldn’t have been right for me,” says Lisa.

A questionnaire is used to determine who is allowed to go on the next date. David wants to find out which three women he has the most in common with and which he has the least in common with. They are then loaded onto two boats. Leyla (26), Lisa and Giovanna (27) are in the “common boat” and Xenia (30), Alyssa (36) and Henriette (25) land in the “opposite boat”. And David swims back and forth between them all.

On the philosophical date, all parties discuss the question: Do opposites attract or do people like to flock together? David discusses with both boats, tensions arise. Giovanna sees the fact that David also finds differences in a relationship exciting as a clear affront to himself. This will have consequences. But first Xenia can go overboard with the bachelor. After their one-on-one date on his yacht, she’s pretty sure of herself, but David is holding back: “We’ve made progress, but not as far as I’ve made with other ladies.”

The music alarm clock rings again the next morning: Five ladies have to embark on an adventure by a raging river at the crack of dawn: Rebecca (28), Yolanda (26), Maike (25), Angelina (28) and Chiara (26) . While the chosen ones are getting ready, Giovanna is happy not to have to come along: “Then we can at least go back to sleep,” she grumbles and pulls the covers over her head.

On the adrenaline date, the group climbs through nature, swims in full gear with the current of a river and jumps off a rock into the cold water. At the end everyone is hugging each other on adrenaline and jumping in circles. You might think that getting up early is worth it.

When Giovanna found out after the date that David had said that he did have things in common, her “Italian temperament” got the better of her: “I’m not the clown here! As if I were making something up!” She will not make a fool of herself, she continues to scold. And announces that he wants to go home. But first she wants to tell David what she thinks.

At the night of the roses, she explains to him that she felt she was being presented. David apologizes if he seemed dismissive. That’s all Giovanna wanted to hear – she’s in seventh heaven right now, leaving forgotten. The other conversations are also satisfactory: Leyla makes an impression with her quick-wittedness. After two shots of tequila, Yolanda looks like she’s going to pounce on the bachelor any second. And Alyssa (36) can finally get rid of the fact that she is still married on paper.

Then come the roses, or maybe not. Before David can announce his decision, Fiona (29) goes to the front and says goodbye, it just wouldn’t fit. David seems a bit shocked – and explains that the rose Fiona would have gotten will be kept. So no woman is allowed to “move up”. Instead, two more have to go, of which the viewers have not seen much so far anyway: Manina (30) and Maike (25).