In the new season “Der Bachelor” a Rosenkavalier is looking for love for the 13th time on RTL (and RTL). From March 1st, David Jackson (32) will be able to meet 23 single women in Mexico. The trained insurance salesman from Stuttgart is looking for his dream woman. So far he hasn’t found it. In an interview, he revealed to the news agency spot on news why he still doesn’t use dating apps.

“I like to get to know people personally from the first second,” he explains. Here you can see a lot more. He firmly believes in great love, but has not been able to find his partner for life through the “conventional route” since then. That’s why the 32-year-old half-American hopes for “The Bachelor”. “When the opportunity for this adventure came up, I thought ‘why not’, the world belongs to the brave!” The people around him knew about the importance of this area of ​​life and the topic of love in his life. “So they were very happy for me.” He hardly had any fears before the shoot, just “possibly making wrong decisions”. He didn’t copy anything from his predecessors, he wants to be 100 percent himself.

And what should his dream woman bring with him? His future partner should be someone with whom he can go through life together and laugh a lot. He also hopes that they can learn with and from each other and grow together. “The Bachelor” 2023 would not call itself a jealous person. He was “hardly or not at all” jealous. His past relationships failed because in the end it just didn’t fit. “You develop in different directions, or your ideas for the future differ,” he says of his ex-girlfriends.

Even when he was looking for his loved one, he experienced a particularly bad date that he remembered. He noticed very early on that it didn’t fit and the lady kept talking about herself. “I had never experienced that before and then I found it kind of really funny”. Jackson has not yet been able to put his own flirting skills on a scale. “I would say we watch the episodes and then evaluate them together,” he says, laughing.