Are you planning a wedding, birthday, baby shower, or just a party? Do you want to decorate the room with flowers? Do not rush to go to the flower shop. There are many reasons to buy flower wholesale.

Why do flower wholesalers offer favorable conditions?

Usually, wholesalers have their own farms or cooperate with ones, controlling the process of growing flowers. From the farm, the plants go immediately to the warehouse and then to the buyer. That is, the client receives the plant firsthand at the lowest possible price.

5 reasons to buy flowers wholesale

Here are 5 more reasons it is worth buying flowers wholesale.

  1. Wholesalers do have a lot of flowers. If you need a thousand lilies, they will be delivered to you. No need to buy a dozen of flowers in one shop and a dozen — in another one.
  2. You save money. First, you pay less because you buy from a supplier. Second, the price goes down even more if you take a lot of flowers. Let’s imagine that you buy 25 extremely beautiful Quicksand Cream roses. One flower can cost you roughly $4.4. If you buy 100 roses, the price falls by almost half to $2.45.
  3. Flowers arrive freshly cut. On the farms, the flowers are immediately packed and sent to the warehouse after being cut. If you need really a lot of flowers, the wholesaler’s farm will cut them specially for you.
  4. Huge assortment. You can choose from hundreds of types of flowers. Farms are located in different climate zones and also use greenhouses, so you can get almost any flower in any season.
  5. Convenient order. On, you can specify the color scheme of your event, and the website will suggest suitable flowers for you. You can sort them by price or color, and it will definitely simplify your order.

FiftyFlowers delivers its customers bulk fresh cut flowers from more than 200 farms in the United States, Netherlands, Kenya, New Zealand, Ecuador, and other countries. All our flowers are grown with love and are ready to decorate any of your events!