No one was kicked out of the ProSieben casting show “Germany’s Next Top Model” for the second week in a row. Instead, six women and men are on the hook until the next show: Stella, Felix, Jana, Nuri, Dominik and Yusupha were the weakest during the shoot.

“I definitely want to see her run again,” said Heidi Klum during the deliberations of the jury, which consisted of herself, the designer Kilian Kerner and the photographer Yu Tsai. Yu Tsai described the performance of the six models selected for the test as “terrible”.

Kerner gave the unlucky people the advice for the decision catwalk: “Run for your life.” Klum will make her final decision next week in a catwalk challenge. There the six have another opportunity to convince themselves. “It’s really rare that so many models failed to convince me during a shoot,” says Heidi Klum.

Travel through Tokyo

Under the motto “A trip through Tokyo in 5 minutes”, the models in the “Tiny Tokyo Film Set” had to deliver the perfect shots possible in teams of two.

Lea (24) and Jermaine (20), on the other hand, were lucky. You were selected for a photo and video shoot for a large poster campaign. “My brand will be 20 years old this summer,” said Kilian Kerner. The “biggest job of my entire career” is up for grabs. “And at a distance.”