Actor Max von Pufendorf (“Buddenbrooks”) would like to play a “crime scene” detective. “I would do that, of course,” he said in an interview with Schlager Radio when asked. “I mean, a “crime scene” detective role is a great honor, definitely. I don’t think any colleague who has ever played a “crime scene” detective has regretted it.”

He has also played an inspector in his career, but so far he has been more on the other side, as a suspect. The most frequently said sentence in his career is: “Is this supposed to be an interrogation?”

He has great memories of the “Tatort” filming that he was part of. In Munich’s “Tatort”, for example, he once played a stuttering junkie, in Cologne a management consultant and in Münster a dance teacher. “I was also allowed to play beautiful, crazy roles.”