Another “mystery” has been solved in “The Masked Singer”: The singer, entertainer and TV presenter Giovanni Zarrella revealed the newly introduced mask with changing owners on the ProSieben show on Saturday evening. “My God, that was so much fun,” said the 46-year-old, visibly excited. He was so happy about the opportunity to come for just one evening. He immediately agreed.

“Being away from a Brazilian household with a Brazilian woman for five or six weeks is forbidden. I’m only allowed to be away for a week at a time.” Zarrella performed the song “Shape Of My Heart” by the Backstreet Boys on stage while wearing a mask. Shortly before the unveiling, the TV audience had already clearly chosen him as their favorite.

A week earlier, opera singer Rolando Villazón had made a guest appearance in the role. The “Mystery” costume is new to the show – a different celebrity wears it in each episode of the new season. He therefore only appears in the format for one evening.

In the next episode of “The Masked Singer” another celebrity will be under the “Mystery” costume. Until now there had never been such a flying change under a single mask on the show. The costumes were always assigned to a celebrity. If a mask received too few votes, it was thrown out of the competition. The “Mysterium” sings outside of the regular competition.