The Kellys can do it easily: Musician Gabriel Kelly won the RTL dance show “Let’s Dance” in a convincing manner. In the finale of the show, the 22-year-old easily shook off his competition in Cologne and scored 90 jury points – the highest score.

Since the audience also voted sufficiently for the offspring of the Kelly clan, he was named “Dancing Star 2024” together with his dance partner Malika Dzumaev. “In the end, we’re standing here now and we’re just overjoyed,” he said. He followed in his family’s footsteps: Aunt Maite Kelly won the show in 2011.

Kelly already favorite before the final

The 22-year-old son of musician Angelo Kelly (The Kelly Family) was already the favorite in the final. The jury had already praised him highly in recent weeks. Today, too, one homage followed the next.

The otherwise strict juror Joachim Llambi even gave a kind of direct voting recommendation to the viewers at home. He said he wanted Kelly to win. “Because he’s the best this year.” Juror Motsi Mabuse shouted enthusiastically after Kelly’s first dance: “You killed it!” Kelly’s samba performance was the best ever seen on the show.

Choreographer Detlef Soost and her dance partner Ekaterina “Ekat” Leonova (third place) and sports presenter Jana Wosnitza with her dance partner Vadim Garbuzov (second place) were left behind.

Kelly was supported by his family in the studio during the finale. Shortly before his coronation he thanked him for this. “Dad, I love you,” he said. “And you too, of course, mom.” It was the 17th season of the popular format.