Taylor Swift (34) is responsible for the vibe of 2023. This year, for the first time, the online dictionary “Dictionary.com” has selected a word that best describes the “Vibe of the Year”. “Our choice was inspired by the year’s most eye-catching, record-breaking and unignorable cultural phenomenon,” it says. And so the dictionary chooses the word “eras” (in German: eras) as “Vibe of the Year”.

The dictionary defines the plural of era as “periods of time in a person’s life that are characterized by something special and striking, such as a particular emotional state, a relationship, an achievement or an interest.”

Taylor Swift gave the word “eras” a new meaning. The name of her “Eras” world tour contributed to this. Because this is an allusion to how many eras she has already celebrated within her career. It has become popular in 2023 for people to use the word in a personal context to define their own personal era. Taylor Swift’s use of the word encouraged people to “take control of their own story.”

In November 2022, Swift announced her first tour since 2018. “The Eras Tour” is a “journey through the musical phases” of her career and songs from all of Swift’s studio albums can be heard. The tour began on March 17, 2023 in Glendale, Arizona and is scheduled to run until at least December 8, 2024 (Vancouver).

As the “Washington Post” reports, “The Eras” tour is expected to bring in an incredible sum of 4.1 billion US dollars (approx. 3.9 billion euros) after its conclusion next year. Never before has an artist earned so much from a single tour.

The accompanying concert film “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour”, which has been in cinemas since October 13th, grossed a whopping 130 million US dollars (approx. 123 million euros) at the box office in the first few days. In the USA alone it is said to have been between 95 (approx. 90 million euros) and 97 million dollars (approx. 92 million euros). As “Variety” reported at the end of November, the concert film had already grossed more than 250 million dollars (approx. 228 million euros) worldwide after seven weeks.