The pop star Taylor Swift (33) has been rushing from record to record for months and of course earned the often-quoted golden nose with her huge success. At the end of October, for example, it became known that the singer had joined the billionaires’ club. “Variety” has now announced that in 2023 alone their income via Spotify will already be more than 100 million US dollars (approx. 92 million euros). By the end of the year, if the success remains the same, this could increase to around $130 million.

A few days earlier, the streaming provider announced that Swift had reached an incredible 26.1 billion streams worldwide since January 1st. She was named the most streamed artist of 2023. She thanked her for the title in a heartfelt Instagram post. There she described her current success as “unreal,” among other things.

As the industry magazine “Bloomberg” reports, the singer’s sales and profits have increased in recent months primarily due to her current tour. Swift’s current “The Eras” tour has been breaking records for months and is on track to become the highest-grossing tour in history. In the USA alone, the 53 concerts so far have not only increased Swift’s fortune, but also boosted the gross domestic product of the United States of America by 4.3 billion US dollars (approx. 4.1 billion euros).

As the “Washington Post” also reports, the current tour alone is expected to bring in an incredible sum of 4.1 billion US dollars (approx. 3.9 billion euros) after its conclusion next year. Never before has an artist earned so much from a single tour. The accompanying concert film “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour”, which has been in cinemas since October 13th, is currently generating huge paychecks for Swift. In the first few days alone, it grossed a whopping 130 million US dollars (approx. 123 million euros) at the box office worldwide.