Over, over, over: After the current “Ghost Ride” case, Charlotte Lindholm (Maria Furtwängler, 57) is no longer part of the Göttingen murder squad and will move back to Hanover after around five years. The Göttingen “Tatort” team is now history – with one small exception. But more on that later. Since 2019, Lindholm has been investigating alongside Anaïs Schmitz (Florence Kasumba, 47) and her boss Gerd Liebig (Luc Feit, 61). However, from now on she will be working again at her old place of work.

Although Schmitz will be put in charge of the murder squad after the Liebig drama in “Ghost Ride”, no further Göttingen “Tatort” episodes with Kasumba are planned. In an interview with NDR, the actress said that her role was an interesting challenge and that she really enjoyed developing and playing the character. Now she is looking forward to new, exciting projects. But she will be seen once again as Inspector Schmitz:

A so-called crossover episode is already in the can and will be broadcast in 2025. Then Schmitz will go on a criminal hunt together with federal police officer Thorsten Falke (Wotan Wilke Möhring, 56). It’s not easy for her colleague Furtwängler to leave either: “Saying goodbye to Göttingen is not easy; working with Florence Kasumba and the team meant a lot to me.”

The departure from Hanover took place in 2017, but according to NDR, it was only planned as a temporary move from the start. Lindholm had been working there at the LKA since 2002, but caused problems more often due to a lack of teamwork and constant solo work. In her 25th film, “The Holdt Case,” she makes a fatal mistake: in a murder case, she falsely suspects the husband of the man who was killed and puts him under massive pressure during an interrogation. Shortly afterwards he hangs himself in his cell. The real perpetrator could not be identified.

These events in Hanover lead to the immediate transfer of the commissioner, who then dares to make a new start at the police in Göttingen. But even there, with her cool, often distant nature, she doesn’t immediately get along with her new colleagues. Between her and Schmitz in particular, a certain respect and mutual trust develops over the course of the six episodes, but this is repeatedly interrupted by phases of skepticism. The fact that Lindholm even spends a night with Schmitz’s husband Nick (Daniel Donskoy, 34) does the rest – even if at the end there is an offer of reconciliation from Anaïs to Charlotte.

Now, in Furtwängler’s words, Lindholm is “setting off to new shores once again.” She remains a “restless investigator who can’t stay in one place for long.” However, not much is known about the new/old Hanover “crime scene”. Apparently the commissioner will again investigate for the LKA alone. In addition, their cases should not only be limited to the Lower Saxony state capital, but should also take the investigator through the entire state in the future. An exact date for their first deployment in the old environment has not yet been set.