The inspectors Ellen Berlinger (Heike Makatsch) and Martin Rascher (Sebastian Blomberg) are called to a gas station late in the evening: a couple of gangsters have carried out a robbery and shot a person. For the second time in two weeks. The only witness, Rosa Münch (Henriette Nagel), is blind. The investigators believe the student is in danger and offer police protection – which she refuses. Not the only strange behavior of the young woman.

In this case it’s not about who the perpetrators are – that becomes clear relatively quickly. “Blind Date” instead focuses on the question of why a wealthy couple robs gas stations and kills people at random. And what fascination this lawless behavior has for other people. A question that was relevant in the 70s – when a surprising number of people glorified the crimes of the RAF.

As exciting as the approach is to look at the motivation of the perpetrators, the search in this “crime scene” (book: Wolfgang S Tauch, director: Ute Wieland) doesn’t go particularly deep. Ultimately, the topic offered is “neglect of wealth” – without breaking it down in more detail.

A surprise awaits Ellen Berlinger at home: David, a former friend from Liverpool, is visiting. He is the father of her little daughter Greta and has come to take her to England. Which presents the inspector with a dilemma: As a single mother, she can’t actually do her grueling job. But she has already given away a child once – she wants to make it as a mother a second time. She tells her aloof colleague Rascher about her problem. His only reaction: “Can we?”

In her third mission, Heike Makatsch seems to have finally arrived at the “crime scene”. It’s also worth repeating.

The “Tatort” episode “Blind Date” was first broadcast on October 24th. Aired in 2021. ARD repeats the case on Friday, October 6th at 10:20 p.m.

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