A man is found dead in his home in Berlin-Lichtenberg. Inspectors Robert Karow (Mark Waschke) and Susanne Bonard (Corinna Harfouch) discover a door that leads to a hidden torture cellar. People were held captive here and brutally mistreated. The last victim apparently managed to escape. The trail leads to the Vietnamese community in Berlin. The two investigators try to gain people’s trust in order to solve the case.

The crimes at the center of this episode are of rare cruelty. But it is the great art of the makers (Mira Thiel: book and direction, Josefine Scheffler: book) to convey an impression of the horror without confronting the audience with explicit images. There are no victims screaming, no blood spraying, no limbs flying through the picture to illustrate the extent of the crimes. The horror here arises in the mind of the audience – and that is much more effective.

At the same time, this “crime scene” also provides a small insight into the foreign and attractive culture of the Vietnamese living in Germany.

Even without hard splatter scenes, this “crime scene” could disturb the faint of heart. If you like it softer, you should switch to ZDF – there is the medical series “Dr. Nice” with Josefine Preuß.

The case is a real challenge – including for the two investigators. This is what they have in common: Although they have only known each other for a short time, Susanne Bonard and Robert Karow are working together intensively. They both have one goal in common: they want to catch the perpetrator.

A film worth seeing that will leave no one indifferent: Tune in!

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