They have been going through life as spouses for over two decades: On Friday (May 17th), “Rocky” star Sylvester Stallone (77) and his wife Jennifer Flavin (55) are celebrating their 27th wedding anniversary. The Hollywood star celebrated this special anniversary on Instagram with two throwback photos in a retro look.

The photos show impressions of the wedding in 1997. In the picture carousel you can see, among other things, how the two cut the wedding cake. The marriage took place in a small ceremony attended by family and friends at The Dorchester Hotel in London. At that time, the two were already parents to their daughter Sophia, who was nine months old at the time, as “People” magazine recalls a report from back then.

Apparently Sylvester Stallone is still over the moon about saying “yes” to Jennifer Flavin more than 25 years ago. Commenting on the Instagram photos, he wrote: “27 years with the love of my life.” His wife immediately joined in with this declaration of love. She wrote under her husband’s post: “I love you. Forever us!”

The family account for the reality series “The Family Stallone” apparently also included their daughters Sistine (25), Sophia (27) and Scarlet (21). “Congratulations, Mom and Dad,” it reads.