You have to get used to a new last name after the wedding. The change can also easily cause confusion – unpleasant only if this happens at the gate just before departure.

It was particularly complicated for a Japanese woman who had married a Swiss man. After the civil marriage in Japan, where the couple had met, Shizuka Datwyler took her husband’s surname Timo. But when the two wanted to fly to Switzerland a few days after the wedding ceremony at the office to celebrate the wedding there with a lavish party, the employees of Airline Swiss became stubborn – and didn’t let Shizuka Datwyler on board the flight, reports the Swiss newspaper “Blick”.

The problem lay in the name change, which is not so easy to do in Japanese. Because there is no exact translation in the Asian language for her husband’s name, which Datwyler had adopted. According to Blick, the authorities in Japan initially informed the couple that the name in the woman’s new passport would be Dattouira. When the document was issued, however, the Swiss spelling was in it.

However, Shizuka and Timo Dätwyler had already bought a flight ticket in the name of Dattouira. And the airline was very precise: Because the surname in the passport did not match that stated on the ticket, the 31-year-old was not allowed to fly. Even a short-term change was not possible. However, the couple only found out at the gate, shortly before the planned departure. Timo Dätwyler is annoyed that the airline didn’t turn a blind eye: After all, it was clear that it was the same person.

So the newly married couple had to buy a new ticket – for the equivalent of more than 5000 euros. Timo Dätwyler told “Blick” that he had the impression that the airline had taken advantage of its plight: “We were in a plight, after all our wedding took place in a few days. I was ready to pay almost everything.” In the meantime, however, a solution has been found: Swiss refunded the cost of the first ticket, and the couple also received a voucher from the airline.

Source: “Blick”

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