Episode seven in “Sommerhaus der Stars” (Tuesday, 8:15 p.m. on RTL – also on RTL), the first after the big bang. Gigi Birofio (24) and partner Dana Feist (26) as well as Valentina Doronina (23) and Can Kaplan (27) had to leave the summer house after the beating.

So two pairs are out. Time for successors. And they know what they’re getting into. “This is the gateway to hell,” says Samira Klampfl (29) on the gravel path to the summer house. She comes accompanied by “Serkan Superstar” alias Serkan Yavuz (30). He comes into the show as the reigning winner of “Battle of the Reality Stars” with a broad chest and “tingling in his scrotum”: “I’m actually like John Doe in real life: I can do everything,” he says at the start.

Like his predecessor Valentina, Mustermann Serkan has a negative history with Aleks Petrovic (32). Serkan is said to have been part of the mob during the shitstorm over his scandalous meeting of partner Vanessa Nwattu (23) on “Temptation Island VIP”. But the hatchet remains buried for now.

Serkan Superstar and his Samira can prove themselves in the first game. Two pairs compete against each other in a direct duel. But only the fastest duo overall is safe from a nomination. Aleks and Vanessa meet Pia Tillmann (37) and Zico Banach (32). Tim Toupet (51) and Carina Crone (33), who avoided an exit challenge due to the beating, have to face Maurice Dziwak (25) and Ricarda Raatz (31). And Justine Dippl (35) and Arben Zekic (28) go into the ring against the newcomers.

The men have to scoop mud out of a basin with a bucket and then pour it into an apron for their wives. Whichever pair causes a seesaw to tip over with their mud wins. Although Serkan and Samira start weakly, the still fresh pair secures the game.

The men are broken after the “game from hell” (Serkan). Season senior Tim can no longer move his right arm. After security employees were seen in front of the camera for the first time in the last episode, a doctor now appears. Normally the staff of “Sommerhaus der Stars” stays in the background, but if the dam has already broken… Tim gets the thumbs up from the doctor and a bandage on his elbow.

With Valentina, the bogeywoman is gone, on whom the couples could concentrate their rejection and thus stabilize themselves internally. As a result, there are now increasing tensions within the relationships. Especially with Ricarda and Maurice. She indirectly accuses him of being a mama’s boy because he still lives with his parents. “Mommy is the best,” he counters. By the way, Maurice, who was 24 years old during filming, is statistically completely within the limits. On average, German men leave their parents’ home at the age of 24.5.

The second game in the series acts like an accelerant. The women have to guide their men, who are blinded by a blindfold, through a course in a truck. This challenge has been the ultimate stress test for even the most harmonious couples for several seasons. With Maurice and Ricarda the mood escalates completely. “You can’t do anything,” he grumbles at her. Vanessa cries because of the tension, but she and Aleks are the only ones to park within the time limit.

Especially for Tim and Carina, who are the only couple to get stuck in the course and can’t even make a final attempt to park, the blessing of the house goes wrong. Tim is stunned and speechless by his colleague’s bad attitude. The pop singer, who has always responded to her Ballermann colleague’s criticism with an uncertain smile, is at least defending herself against his total destruction for the first time.

Tim and Carina are not only at risk internally, but also among their competitors. In the mood barometer, the couple groaning under signs of disintegration gets the most votes. And not because everyone sees them as the strongest competition. But at least Tim doesn’t want to give up. He doesn’t want to accept Zico’s offer to give him the coup de grace at the next nomination. The fight goes on.