After a long wait, October brings the second season of the popular Marvel series “Loki”. The French crook series “Lupin” also continues. In addition to these highly anticipated sequels to popular formats of the past, fans of the zombie and western genres will also get their money’s worth next month.

The most exciting new series and series seasons at a glance.

After the media library launch on September 29th, the fourth season of the German hit series “Babylon Berlin” will also appear in the ARD linear program from October 1st. The new episodes begin on New Year’s Eve 1930/31. The global economic crisis led to poverty, impoverishment and unemployment in the Weimar Republic. In the 1930 Reichstag elections, the NSDAP won over 18 percent of the vote. SA thugs under their leader Stennes (Hanno Koffler) terrorize the streets of the Reich capital Berlin, attack Jewish shops and citizens and also want to intimidate the free press.

Due to financial worries, Charlotte Ritter (Liv Lisa Fries) takes part in a sweaty dance marathon at Moka Efti, while the whole city shouts “A day like gold!” trills, the song of the hour. Meanwhile, the Red Castle police officers led by Gereon Rath (Volker Bruch), Wilhelm Böhm (Godehard Giese) and Ernst Gennat (Udo Samel) are investigating a new murder case. A corrupt city government official is found dead. The investigation leads deep into Berlin’s underworld and to gang boss Walter Weintraub (Ronald Zehrfeld).

The twelve new episodes of the historical series are based on Volker Kutscher’s novel “Goldstein”. Season four aired last fall on Sky and its streaming service Wow. A fifth season is to come despite Sky’s withdrawal from producing its own series.

The likeable French actor Omar Sy (“Pretty Best Friends”) returns in the new “Lupin” episodes as master thief Assane Diop. The first season of the crook series, which was released in two parts, caused a sensation on Netflix in 2021. The show by series creators George Kay and François Uzan cleverly combines classic stories about the literary character Arsène Lupin – the great antagonist of Sherlock Holmes – invented by Maurice Leblanc (1864-1941) with a critical look at modern French society.

In the new episodes, Assane must deal with the impact of his disappearance on his great love Claire (Ludivine Sagnier) and his son Raoul (Etan Simon), while a powerful new adversary appears on the scene. The brilliant thief Assane is subsequently blackmailed with the help of a person from his past. Can he once again get his head out of the loop with his typical mix of disguises, feints and elegant plans? The new episodes of “Lupin” are also a must for crime fans.

Super producer Taylor Sheridan has created a coherent series universe around the Dutton family with the neo-Western series “Yellowstone” and the spin-offs “1883” and “1923”. The western series “Lawmen: Bass Reeves,” which will be released on October 5th on the Paramount streaming service, also comes from Sheridan’s series forge.

The focus of the plot is the historical figure Bass Reeves (1838-1910), the first black U.S. deputy. Marshal in the Wild West. The legendary law enforcement officer is said to have arrested an incredible 3,000 criminals without suffering a single scratch himself. In the new miniseries, which offers plenty of period color and strong characters, he is portrayed by David Oyelowo. Veteran stars Donald Sutherland and Dennis Quaid  complete the cast.

Marvel Studios’ most successful streaming series returns with its second season on October 6th. In the six new “Loki” episodes, fan favorite Tom Hiddleston once again embodies Thor’s brother Loki, the god of practical jokes and deception. As usual, Disney isn’t revealing much about the plot of the new episodes in advance. However, it is already known that Loki is said to be “in a battle for the soul of the Time Variance Authority” after the shocking finale of season one.

Numerous actors from the series premiere around two years ago are back. Owen Wilson will once again play TVA agent Mobius M. Mobius, Sophia Di Martino will play the Loki variant Sylvie and “The Morning Show” star Gugu Mbatha-Raw will play judge Ravonna Renslayer. Brand new to the cast is Ke Huy Quan as Ouroboros. Some of the audience may still know the former child star from “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” from the multiverse masterpiece “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” which recently won seven Oscars.

The epic zombie series “The Walking Dead” ended in November last year after a whopping 177 episodes. But like the undead, individual fan favorites of the AMC show are rising up for their own spin-offs, in which more stories from the world once created by Robert Kirkman are told.

The focus of the first spin-off “The Walking Dead: Dead City” is Maggie, played by Lauren Cohan, and the former villain Negan, once again embodied by the terrific Jeffrey Dean Morgan. After Maggie’s son is kidnapped, they travel together to New York City to free him. In the trailer you can see a Manhattan overrun by zombies.

With “The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon” about the title character played by Norman Reedus and the Rick and Michonne spin-off “The Ones Who Live”, further spin-offs to the zombie series are already in the starting blocks, which are also available in Germany from Magenta TV should appear.